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Immediate shutdown of RoyalTS after start

After a system crash RoyalTS 5 will no longer start.  Well, I can start RoyalTS and the RoyalTS window will appear, but before the window is filled with connections etc. RoyalTS shuts down.

I'm assuming configuration got messed up, but I can't find any command line parameter to tell RoyalTS to reset.  

Does anyone know of a solution to this?

Renaming the file didn't help.  Now the splash screen appears and then closes, and nothing else.

By the way I've had this issue a couple of times before.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one (which is why I started a forum topic).  My old support ticket is now gone - otherwise I would have checked that answer.

I opened a new ticket as well in case that's faster (I cant do any work until this is resolved)...May I suggest you add a commandline parameter that resets RoyalTS to a working/default state?  That would be helpful as this appears to be a recurring problem.


can you try to rename the file %appdata%\code4ward\code4ward.RoyalTS.UserPreferences.config and start Royal TS again.

If this resolves the issue, you can check this KB to find out how to restore a previous config from the backup (which Royal TS by default performs):


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