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Implementation in a multi-client setup


I'm looking for implementation design in a multiple client environment.

I looked in here but couldn't find example or case study.

To explain my need more precisely, I have a need to separate a "central" RDP acces point from each of my "clients" RDP access point

actually I'm using a simple RDS farm for my support team, then in this farm they open a RDP session in the client DMZ, where there is another RDP server that has network access to the client computer

Think of this DMZ "RDP Bounce" as a RDP proxification, at least it gives a sense of client network isolation that passes security audit

This work well, but is a bit of pain to manage the client machine list, no centralization.

is there a way to implement Royal TS (server or other version) to use this existing Windows infrastructure and centrally manage (share/publish) the 2 layers of RDP sessions :

the central with all the client "DMZ" connections

the client DMZ bounce with all the clients' servers connections

best regards

Christophe Niel

Hi Christophe,

I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. If I understand your requirement correctly, you want to automatically maintain a list of connections which are correctly configured to establish connections. If so, we have a couple of options to accomplish this:

RoyalDocument.PowerShell Module:

See also:

This can be used to create/update documents and add/modify connections using PowerShell.

Dynamic Folder:

If you have the information somewhere accessible, you can dynamically populate a folder with connections using the Royal JSON:

Both solutions don't really require Royal Server. What you could do with Royal Server is to use the Secure Gateway feature (SSH tunneling) to "proxy" your connections and make them accessible from a different network:

Both techniques I mentioned (scripting and Secure Gateway) can be combined, of course.

Does this help?


I realize maybe this should be in the royal server forum

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