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Add fingerprint unlocking support for RoyalTS Documents on Windows

This would require using the Windows authentication mechanism as a form of encryption, but it could be useful for documents that are shared among a group of users, as you could tie access to AD permissions.

Hi Patrick,

I did some research a while back but I couldn't find a general API for fingerprint readers. As far as I know, there's nothing built-in in Windows.


True, there isn’t an existing API outside of UWP apps. This might be a better candidate for a plug-in then, as you could make a call to a synaptic API as the driver exists in Windows.

I'm sorry but I don't understand. What is a "synaptic API"?

Synaptic (maker of a large number of the finger print readers on laptops) along with BroadCom have APIs available to developers than can make a direct driver call to the reader. If a plugin could be developed that made that call using their APIs, support for fingerprints could eventually be implemented.

Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense!

To be honest, our priorities are elsewhere at the moment but once we have the time and resources, we will definitely look into it.


Best way to implement this would be Windows "hello". It's a new authentication api, that support multiple devices and methodes. It also supports u2f 2-factor authentication ... i've just send you a idea request some minutes ago about u2f/yubikey ;)

The issue with Windows Hello's authentication API is that it can only be called by the system or UWP apps. RoyalTS would have to completely change it's underlying mechanisms to deal with encryption not to mention convert to a UWP platform.

Right now it seems to be very difficult (impossible) but as soon as there's a way to integrate this, we will investigate...

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Hey Stefan,

since your last post on this is some time ago, could you please review this again? There is a KeePass plugin, which is doing exatly this feature request for RoyalTS (as seen here:

By accessing the biometric data of Windows Hello, we could maybe even use face recognition ;)

Kind regards,

Oliver Kisler

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Hi Oliver,

thanks for the link. I will put this on my todo list and do some research...



Hi Stefan,

getting the Windows Hello feature for RoyalTS would be very helpfull for existing users and also would increase the product attractivity for new users!



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Plus one here for support for Windows Hello

Just a quick update. Windows Hello support when opening password protected documents will be in Royal TS V6.


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