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Adhoc SSH connection calling binary

 I am using Royal TSX on Mac OS X and I am trying to do an adhoc connection from another application via the uri scheme.  But I have an issue and wanted to see if someone might have a solution.

I need to do the adhoc connection to run via terminal which is easy enough rtsx://ssh://.

But when the terminal launches I need it to run a binary and send it a variable.

So I don't know if there is a way to run adhoc where you can tell it via uri to use binary x with variable y?

Or can I save a terminal connection that calls that binary and then do an adhoc connection that calls the saved connection and passes it the variable?

Any tips or recommendations would be good.

Hi Steve,

currently it's not possible to specify a remote SSH command when launching ad hoc connections.

At the moment, it's also not possible to launch existing connections with the URI scheme, although you can launch existing connections using our Apple Script interface. See this KB article for more details and sample scripts.



What about local commands?

I want to open a local ssh panel not connecting to anything at the time then run this command which is a built in command.  The variable passed to it would indicate where or to what it would connect to.  So can I do local ones?



Hi Steve,

custom terminals are currently not supported to be launched via ad hoc but we'll think about how we can integrate this into one of the next updates.



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