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Show Warning On Multiline Paste In Terminal

Due to recent changes on iTerm2 the feature is no longer working as it used to.

You used to get a warning when pasting a multiline value from clipboard while connected via Terminal plugin, that doesn't happen anymore.

With the recent release of iTerm 3.0.14 this changed to only warn when iTerm shell integration is installed and when you're at a prompt.

Here's the corresponding iTerm discussion thread:

There's a new menu item in iTerm 3.0.14 "Limit Multi-Line Paste Warning to Shell Prompt" which, when disabled, basically restores the old behavior.

It would be great if this feature was implemented.

This is now available in the latest beta ( via "Preferences - Connection Types - Terminal - Plugin Settings - Warn before pasting when not at shell prompt".

As usual, you can get the beta here:

HI, I found this same problem.  Just to confirm, this is to interrupt before pasting with a newline?  The preference you listed doesn't seem to be the same thing.

Either way, I'd love to have the old functionality back.

@Aaron: Yes, exactly. Also make sure you have "Suppress warning about multi-line pastes" disabled.

Perfect, that did it!

One suggestion, changing "Warn before pasting when not at shell prompt" to "Warm before pasting one or more lines with a newline" would be more helpful.  To be honest, I have no idea what the current description would mean.

@Aaron: This was taken directly from iTerm2 but I admit it's not quite obvious what the setting does. So we will change this to "Warn before pasting multiple lines when not at shell prompt" in the next release.

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